My aunt has been a patient at the Care Center for over three years. I am a daily visitor. While we have had ups and downs during this time, I want to acknowledge something that touched me deeply over the holiday season. The recreation department decided to play Santa's "elves" and distributed small gifts to the patients, many of whom had no families to celebrate the holidays. Each present was carefully thought out to best serve the needs of the respective patient. I saw many gifts that were ideally suited for the recipient, beautifully wrapped and presented to the delight of the patients. It demonstrated genuine care for the paitent from the recreation staff, who clearly know their audience. I hope that you continue to offer this kindness at the holidays. I would especially like to recognize the efforts of Cynthia and Susie from the recreation department for their continued outstanding service and thank Matty for leading such an effective team of professionals. Both Susie and Cynthia continue to go out of their way to accomodate patient's special needs.
- Laura Lyons