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Reviews and personal accounts of former residents and loved ones who trusted the Hamptons Center for their care.


This is the best Rehab facility on the East End of Long Island. They have a new state of the art Dialysis Center. It is also a nursing home. Residents are treated with such dignity. I have several pals who entrusted their family members to The Hamptons Center. ☺


We would like to send our true and heartfelt thank you for all your care and help with our mom while she was in your facility. We as a family knew that the care and love shared by all the units she was in was genuine and heartfelt. Mom enjoyed all her units and the staff always went out of their way to make mom happy and calm, treating her like their own family. We as a family wanted you to know we felt our mom was safe and cared for in your facility and we share our positivity of your facility whenever possible. Thank you again for the wonderful care your facility gave to our mom.

- Deborah M., Jim C., Sue G.

My Father was there some years ago and we were very pleased with his care. I now visit with my sister in law whose Mother is a patient. We're from East Hampton and know what good care should look and feel like. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.

-Sharlene H.

From the moment I inquired about getting professional services and a smooth transfer to the Hampton Care Center everyone has been extremely helpful and caring… thank you for all you do.

-C.J. D.

It is with our most sincere gratitude that we write this. She was treated with the utmost respect, compassion and care at your center. Your staff made most of her days there not just bearable but pleasant, interesting and yes on some days even fun. We believe you have created a place where many, who need your services, can feel comfortable, care for and safe. Life can be unfair, challenging and often downright unkind. As hard as it was for her to give up on her independence, she knew she could no longer manage on her own. We were so fortunate to find the Hamptons Center and helped through the relocation process by Diane Diaz and Aaron Woods. They were very professional and were able to make her transfer from Massachusetts a smooth transition. We were unfamiliar with the process, however were guided each step of the way. As a former nurse, I believe I can access the care and compassion of one who resides there receives. I must say I am impressed with most of the staff I have met over time. Many go above and beyond their job description and we are so grateful for the care they provided. I unfortunately do not know the names of everyone; however, I would like to mention some of the staff that she loved and felt so comfortable with. Mary Ellen Schaefer listened and acted on what she felt was best for her even when she decided to go on Comfort are. Kerry Moschetto was always sweet, concerned and always approachable. Priscilla Karpin followed all of her wishes and helped her thought the process of dying. Pam West and Racquel Cart-Nelson are gifts to all of the folks they serve. They treated all their patients with respect and dignity and offer love and support as well. They are always cheerful and gracious and when their job becomes too difficult for them to continue, I hope they teach those who will come after them. They truly deserve distinction. Your recreation department is outstanding. Matty Hanse is amazing and a gift to your patients. He gave everyone an opportunity to continue to enjoy pleasures rarely seen at other facilities. He offered trips to Duck’s stadium, shopping excursions, dinners out, wine and cheese socials and even ha book signing event for her. When she could no longer participate in outside adventures, Matty placed a bird feeder outside her window and often came to read to her as well. Susan Martin is another gift to these folks at your center. If she is not already, I believe she should be called an Art Therapist because that is what she offers all who come to her little art sanctuary. She understands the need for everyone to create something lovely, especially when their lives offer so little that is lovely. She is forever cheerful and incredibly capable. Somehow, she always found the means, despite the challenges of wheelchairs in a limited space and varying disabilities and shortcomings, to have a place and a project for all who entered her art room. We are so grateful to you and your staff for all that you did for her and continue to do for all those in your care. You made a challenging life bearable, thank you.
- Vin and Connie M.

This Rehabilitation center is welcoming and very clean. Any question I have is answered because the staff is friendly and helpful. We are very happy our loved one is getting excellent care.

-Honora H.

From the time my husband and I walked in the door and left everyone was so nice and helpful. The front desk gentleman was nice and pleasant. My Aunt is in the B unit, the recreation lady was walking in and waited for my husband to come out of the bathroom to let us in. The maintenance man stopped to say hello and wish us a good day. The OT lady waited for me to come with my Aunt to let us back in the unit when we were done with our visit. Wonderful experience.

-Mary D.

The stars go to the helpfulness and friendliness of the gals greeting us at front desk. This was my first visit to this center since 2013 and it was a short visit, but my friend who is there for the long haul says she is being taken care of and she is satisfied plus feels safe.

-Bonnie J.

My husband is now second time and he is happy to be in this place. Physical therapist are fantastic. He never complain. All workers are great.

-Jadek S.

This place is a life saver for my nephew. The staff is wonderful and caring. He is always clean and involved in activities. He has been there for over 7 years and they do everything to help him. I don't have any complaints about his care.  It took me a long time to find a place that is this caring. I have to thank the MS social worker who helped me.

- Robert V. 

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