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Our Team

A Note from Our Administrator

I'm Rose Pititto, and I'm honored to be part of this wonderful community as the Administrator. My journey in this building began many years ago when I started working in central supply while going to college. With a degree in social work, I served as the Director of Social Work before my passion for the well-being of our residents motivated me to pursue an administrator's license. It's a role I've embraced with enthusiasm, and I'm thrilled to contribute my experience and dedication to the Hamptons Center. 

Beyond my professional life, I am a proud wife and mother of two incredibly wonderful and active boys. My family is my anchor, and in my free time, I cherish moments spent being a mom and engaging in activities with my kids. Together, we create a balance that fuels my commitment to providing the best possible care and support to the residents of the Hamptons Center.

I look forward to the journey ahead, working collaboratively with our dedicated team and fostering a warm and caring environment for everyone at the Hamptons Center.

  • Rehabilitation Department
    Stacy Raeihle - Director of Rehabilitation Services (ext. 1017) Yury Londano- Assistant Director of Rehabilitation Services (ext. 1018)
  • Dialysis
    Dialysis Center: 631-443-2400
  • Medical Administration
    Dr. Masood Saeed- Medical Director (ext. 1040) Mary Ellen Schaefer- Nurse Practitioner (ext. 1013)
  • Human Resources Department
    Karen Spano - Director of Human Resources (ext. 1006)
  • Food and Nutritional Services Department
    Brenden Compton- Director of Food & Nutritional Services (ext. 1025) Christine Smith - Assistant Director of Food & Nutritional Services (ext. 2027) Daniel Preiato- Chief Clinical Dietician: Units B, C, &G (ext. 2007)
  • Nursing Department
    Ronald Russomanto- Director of Nursing Services/ Infection Control (ext. 1011) Brittany Alvarez- Assistant Director of Nursing Services/ Risk Management (ext. 1021) Nursing Supervisor- Office (ext. 2009)
  • Admissions Department
    Aaron Woods - Director of Admissions (ext. 1009) Tanya Buck- Admissions Coordinator (ext. 1008) Takisha Nation- Financial Coordinator (ext. 1002)
  • Administration Department
    Rose Pititto - Administrator (ext. 1010) Erin Holzman - Executive Assistant (ext. 1014)
  • Social Services Department
    Melanie Buckingham - Director of Social Services/ Social Worker: Units A, C, & G(ext. 2018) Lisa Coady- Social Worker: Units B, D, & E (ext. 2144)
  • Plant Operations and Housekeeping Department
    John Lehman - Director of Plant Operations and Housekeeping (ext. 1023) Steven Canaan- Assistant Director of Housekeeping (ext. 1024)
  • Recreation Department
    Emily Auciello - Director of Therapeutic Recreation (ext. 1015) Sandra Wittich- Assistant Director of Therapeutic Recreation
  • Medical Records
    Mary Meade- Medical Records Coordinator (ext. 1020)

Our Team

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